Verdande for Trombone and Bass Trombone

From the composer, Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, "There are many things you can let yourself be fascinated by. From when I was 9 - 10 years old I have been fascinated by the Old-Nordic myths. In my first school year, I was lucky to have a teacher who told and read myths, legends and adventures almost daily in class. We worked on these stories in drawings and plays. Later, various myths and stories were the basis for many of my compositions.

Verdande was one of the Norns that are described in Voluspa, an ancient Norwegian and Icelandic poetry works of creation, the world system and destruction .. Together with Urd and Skuld, she wove mankinds fate in Norne Web at Yggdrasil (World Tree).

This duet was composed because I had completed two solo pieces, one for Bass Trombone (Urd) and one for Trombone (Skuld). Then there was the way to the duet for the last of the Norns, as a natural conclusion to the trilogy. It is not program music, but rather a small character piece. At the same time Verdande a kind of adaptation of internal images of these strange story has given me."

solo parts included: trombone (tenor clef), bass trombone (bass clef)

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