Monochrome II for Seven Trombones

Peter Schickele is also known as P.D.Q. Bach. From the publisher "MONOCHROME means, of course, 'one color', and each of the pieces in this series is written for a multiple number of a single kind of instrument. Beyond that limitation, however, there is no attempt to the restrict the palette; each MONOCHROME explores  a variety of harmonic, rhythmic, melodic and timbral textures. MONOCHROME II was writeen for a brass class at the The Juilliard School of Music in New York City, conducted by Donald Jennings. Its one movement contains unison, contrapuntal and pyramid chord sections as well as a final chorale; most of these sections are separated by brief passage in which open sounds and muted sounds are contrasted and overlapped."

Parts Included: Trombones 1-7, Score.

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