Melodious Etudes for Trombone, Book 1: Nos. 1-60


"The Bordogni vocalises are definitive. Legato technique, musical phrasing and stylistic interpretation begin and end with Bordogni, to whom all others are compared. They are all beautifully constructed, musical, and aesthetically pleasing. They lend themselves well to study and performance on trombone (which has been called the closest instrument to the human voice).
This new edition (2011) gives the etudes a new face. Errors have been corrected, omissions have been replaced, and piano accompaniments have been included. This edition draws from original Bordogni vocalises, the Rochut transcriptions (produced around 1926) and the original accompaniments. It is compatible with these accompaniments by key, introductory measures and inserts. The etudes are sometimes rephrased to better suit the trombone."
--Alan Raph
This edition includes a piano accompaniment performed by Rae Moses.
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