Long Tone Duets for Euphonium

Philip Sinder, Professor at Michigan State University says:

“Long Tone Duets for Euphoniums provides excellent supplementary material for euphonium players of all ability levels. The exercises create an ideal approach for focusing on basics of tone quality, dynamic, articulation, and intonation --- elements which are of course essential to success as an ensemble and solo euphonium player. I suggest incorporating a few minutes of these duets into EVERY lesson!”

Long Tone Duets for Euphoniums contains a duet in every major key with additional duets on various topics interspersed throughout the book. It provides the perfect venue for teachers to discuss details of intonation, tone quality, blend and balance with their students.

Long Tone Duets for Euphoniums is appropriate for euphonium players of all levels.

36 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

solo parts included: BC, TC

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