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Chamber Sheet Music for French Horn

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"Beale Street Blues" is a 1916 song by American composer and...
2 trumpets, horn (alternate trombone part included) and trombone.
Jeffery Bauer's Beethoven's Fit is a swinging encore piece sure to...
For euphonium solo with brass quintet.
For brass quintet with a tuba feature.
For two euphoniums and eight horns. For Misa and Steven Mead.
Belisana is a spirited and rhythmical work for brass quintet by Andres Valero...
For woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn).
Big Sky for Horn, Tuba and Piano is by Frank Gulino and commissioned by...
Bill Bailey for Brass Quintet by Hughie Cannon and arranged by Bill Holcombe Jr...
An autobiographic composition, this piece is one of duality; a musical...
Written by Bill Holcombe and arranged by Bill Holcombe Jr., Blue Monday is a...