Concerto for Trombone and Piano

"When Jean-Pierre Mathez asked me to write this concerto for trombone, I was perplexed: what kind of music should I write for such an usual solo instrument? Then I remembered J.C. Higginbotham and his incredible choruses, which so delighted me in my adolescence with their irresistible 'punch'...and I had my first movement. The second movement is night music, evoking the sea coast, the seaweed in the undulating waters, the sound of the blues coming in bits and pieces from far away. For the last movement, I though again of my first sight of New York from an airplane: it was a sunny day, and there was the Statue of Libery, Manhattan, the bridges, the islands...the piercing cries of imaginary seagulls..."

- Edgar Cosma on his Concerto for Trombone

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