Concertino for Tuba and Band

Concertino was commissioned by Sergio Carolino (Principal tuba, Orquestra Sinfonica do Porto, Portugal) for premiere with the Banda Sinfonica Portuguesa, under the artistic direction of Francisco Ferreira. Sergio Carolino is an extremely diverse and inquisitive performer, with forays into jazz, funk and duets with a DJ to his credit. To take advantage of this, one of the aims of Concertino is to give this unique performer an opportunity to showcase a varied palette of skills within a symphonic band setting. Andrew Batterham has often assimilated several different musical languages into his work, and so the journey from traditional wind band music, through funk and jazz improvisation, to dance modern styles was an exciting one.

The piece is divided into two halves. The first is couched in a Classical, common-chord musical language, developing traditional material in a slow, soulful way. The second half develops the same material, but utilizing beat-oriented styles such as funk and techno, resulting in a varied musical canvas upon which the soloist can express themselves in spectacular fashion.

Hard copy of score included. Solo parts included on CD ready to print: solo tuba, piccolo, flute 1+2, oboe 1+2, bassoon, clarinet in e-flat, clarinet 1+2+3 in b-flat, bass clarinet in b-flat, alto saxophone 1+2, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpets 1+2+3+4, horn 1+2+3+4, trombone 1+2, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba, string bass, timpani, percussion 1+2+3.


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