Complete Recordings of Paul Droste

The Complete Recordings of Paul Droste is a 2-disc CD collection that EVERY euphonium player should have on their shelf. Paul Droste was one of the first euphonium players EVER to be recorded, and produced two excellent LP recordings in the late 1970's and early 1980's. There was no artificial acoustics, no digital editing - these were recorded the old fashioned way... playing it correctly in one take.

Potenza Music has taken a step into the future here by preserving the past. They took the reel tapes from his sessions and using cutting-edge technology have remastered the entire collection. Included also for the first time are two live performances of Paul Droste with the Ohio State University Orchestra and Concert Band.

These recordings are a piece of history that everyone should listen to - to celebrate where the euphonium is going, but more importantly where it came from.

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