Asterism for 16 Trombones

Asterism, scored for 12 tenor and 4 bass trombones, was commissioned by Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone of the New York Philharmonic for one of his annual Trombone Workshops in 2003. I always thought the sound of a trombone choir was the most marvelous sound imaginable so when Joe asked me to write a piece I took the opportunity with pleasure. An Asterism is an astronomical term meaning a star pattern or group of stars.

--Joseph Turrin

Solo parts included: Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Trombone 3, Trombone 4, Trombone 5, Trombone 6, Trombone 7, Trombone 8, Trombone 9, Trombone 10, Trombone 11, Trombone 12, Bass Trombone 1, Bass Trombone 2, Bass Trombone 3, Bass Trombone 4

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